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Vaccuum Lift

Productive Products offers a number of vacuum lifting devices engineered to aid in the easy handling of very heavy and bulky loads without damaging the product. Vacuum lifting devices are available for loads up to 4400 lbs. and include options for 360 degree rotation and pivotable suction surfaces.

Heavy-duty industrial hoists have the ability to lift, transfer and balance parts or tooling required for production. These hoists offer up to 120" of vertical travel and lift loads of up to 2000 lbs. Using state-of-the-art technology, lift and balance hoists have been engineered to provide solutions for today’s material handling needs.

Air Hoist/Balancer

Lift/Tilt Table

Lifting and tilting products are designed to position various loads while reducing worker fatigue. Productive Products offers a full line of lifting and tilting products aimed at increasing productivity and safety in the workplace. These products are engineered to handle capacities of up to 6000 lbs., and offer an infinite angle of tilt up to 90 degrees. Available with push button or foot switch operation.

Industrial jib cranes offer a safe, economical method of transferring materials either within one work area, or from one work area to another. These versatile, efficient and cost effective jib cranes feature capacities of up to 15 tons and spans to 40 feet with 360 degrees of rotation. Manual, electric, air and natural gas powered rotation devices are available.


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