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Gravity roller conveyors are available in 35 to 2000 lb. capacities. Rollers ranging in diameter from 1" - 18 ga. steel to 3" - .300" steel, provide a cost-effective, ergonomic mode for transporting lightweight packages to heavy components. Conveyers are available in standard lengths of 5 and 10 feet, or specified lengths up to 120" in 1" increments for custom applications. Curved gravity rollers are also available.

Ball transfer tables are designed to be free-standing tables, to be placed on existing benches, or to be inserted in 1.9" diameter section of roller conveyer. These 50 lb. capacity tables are outfitted with 1" diameter zinc plated balls in hardened cups, in either standard linear or optional staggered patterns.

Ball Transfer Table

Gravity roller turntables are ideal for loading and unloading pallets, tote pans and boxes in operations where convenient access to all sides is necessary. The gravity roller top allows for 90-degree turns at intersections of roller conveyer. The 3000 lb. capacity turntable is available in 36", 42", 48", 54" and 60" diameters and feature either 1.9" diameter 12 ga. rollers or 2.5" diameter 11 ga. rollers.

Floor-to-floor roller bed conveyers can be used to move materials either up or down. The upper end is equipped with a fixed angle nose-over. Six incline angles from 17 degrees to 30 degrees in 2 degree increments are available, while the bed conveyer is available in lengths ranging from 10 to 40. Motors ranging from H.P. to 2 H.P. provide load capacities ranging from 390 lbs. to 1180 lbs.




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