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Filter Regulator Lubricator

Filter, lubricator, regulator combinations aid in lengthening the life of your pneumatic equipment by eliminating dust and moisture in the air supply line.  They properly lubricate air tools and regulate air pressure, eliminating costly downtime and increasing productivity.

Polyurethane coilhoses have outstanding memory and flexibility that make them perfect for applications that require self-storing air hose. Extraordinarily tough, polyurethane coilhoses are resistant to abrasion, overstreching and kink damage while offering a light, flexible, ergonomic design. The 8" and 16" tails coupled with swivel fittings allow for tangle free tool operation. Polyurethane coilhoses are available in a wide range of lengths and tubing diameters.


Air Swivel Fitting

Air swivels provide a 360-degree range of motion. Ideal for applications that require multidirectional tasking, air swivels are designed to eliminate the inconvenience of a stationary air supply.

Brass air fittings are manufactured to conveniently provide air from a stationary air supply to the work surface of stations outfitted with tool rail trolleys. Air fittings, when used properly in conjunction with coilhoses, tool rail trolleys, and tool balancers, provide an ergonomic environment for assembly.

Air Fitting




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