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Pneumatic Rivet Gun

Engineered for superior performance, pneumatic rivet tools meet or exceed industry’s demands for productivity. The innovative, heavy-duty die-cast or high-strength plastic construction and wear resistant surfaces ensure long life. The ergonomically correct rivet action reduces worker injury while increasing mechanical precision and craftsmanship.

Pneumatic hand-operated cutting or crimping tools deliver high cutting power for tough applications. Made of a durable aluminum, the lightweight jaws can be operated at an air pressure of 60-100 psi, and deliver 850 lbs. of cutting force. All models are available with a foot pedal operation option for added worker safety.

Cutting Tool

Crimper HeadCutter Head

Both cut-off and crimping jaws are available for most models of power squeeze tools. Cut-off jaws are constructed of hardened steel and are engineered to never fully meet, extending jaw life. Also manufactured from hardened steel, crimping jaws can handle wire from #22 to #8 AWG. At 80 psi., crimping forces of 1800-5500 lbs. can be produced.

Soft air velocity heat guns maintain a high surface temperature, allowing faster completion of most commercial and industrial applications. Double insulated models are available with either a three-way rocker switch allowing high, low and off settings, or a rotating rear housing to select temperatures ranging from 212-1000 degrees F. Accessories are also available to customize the heat gun for each application.

Heat Gun




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