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Torque-angle controllers obtain torque input from a strain gage transducer and the angle from hall effect sensors in the tool. The compact, accurate, versatile fastening system ensures quality joints and assembled parts by measuring both torque and angle, and features on board SPC and communication capabilities.

DC electric tools offer low operating costs due to low energy costs and reduced tool maintenance. The highly accurate tools feature soft starting speeds to aid in proper fastener engagement and independently adjusted speed and torque controls.

High-Torque Nutrunners

High-Torque Tools

The 2-speed rundown feature of DC electric tools offers improved torque accuracy. The single integrated cable from the tool to the controller reduces failures associated with air hoses fighting with transducer cables. These reversible tools will fasten in either direction and are available as hand-held or fixtured.

The CS4000 is a fast, accurate, powerful system capable of common and advanced tightening methods. The digital control system features easy programming for both hand-held tools and multiple spindle equipment with the user friendly, menu-driven keypad display setup. Designed to register tool model and serial number, the CS4000 records data such as ISO certification, calibration values and minimum/maximum torque capacities.

Torque Control Box



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