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Dial Torque Wrench

Direct reading dial wrenches feature an oversized single scale dial face that is easy to read and helps eliminate parallax error. Each torque wrench is equipped with a memory indicator that remains at the maximum achieved torque for positive verification. Wrenches are available in a range of torque capacities from .5 in.lbs. to 2000 ft.lbs.

"T" handle torque wrenches offer exceptionally accurate torque control. The durable torque mechanism is constructed from high alloy steel and is designed to automatically release and reset when the specified preset torque is achieved. Wrenches with torque ranges from 2-50 in.lbs. to 50-250 in.lbs. are available.

T-Handle Torque Wrench

Torque Wrenches

Torque screwdrivers are manual torque tools designed for external torque adjustment while maintaining an overall accuracy of +5%. The bi-directional, ball-type clutch mechanism automatically resets when the desired torque is achieved for a smooth operation. Preset torque models are also available.

Click-type torque wrenches allow the operator to both hear and feel when the desired torque is achieved. The lightweight wrenches are available in both preset and adjustable torque models. Preset wrenches will repeat within +4% of the preset torque value, while adjustable wrenches will have an accuracy of +4% of the indicated torque value.

Torque Wrench




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