Guard Rails

At Productive Products, we understand the importance of workplace safety and offer a range of guard rails designed to protect employees and equipment. Our selection of guard rails and security gates is ideal for maintaining a secure environment in various settings.

ESD Safe Flooring

Maintaining safety in the workplace is crucial, especially in environments where electrostatic discharge poses a risk. At Productive Products, we offer a comprehensive range of ESD safe flooring options to ensure optimal electrostatic discharge protection in various work environments. 

Pallet Rack Protectors

Productive Products is dedicated to enhancing workplace safety with our comprehensive range of fall protection systems. Tailored to meet the rigorous demands of industrial settings, our solutions are designed to safeguard employees working at height, ensuring compliance with safety standards and fostering a secure work environment.

Low Noise Tools

Productive Products is committed to elevating workplace safety and efficiency by providing low noise tools. Designed to minimize noise pollution in industrial settings, these tools play a crucial role in protecting hearing and improving the work environment for employees.

Rigid Lifelines

Protecting your workplace environment is critical, and pallet rack protectors play a significant role in maintaining safety and preserving equipment integrity. At Productive Products, we offer a wide range of pallet rack protectors to safeguard against accidental impacts and damage, especially in areas with high forklift traffic.